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Thunder CloudThe Class of Thunder

Our Class of Thunder currently consists of 26 children of primary school age who we fully support to ensure they get a good education, are well nourished and stay healthy.

The Class of Thunder
Most of these children have been we us since the start and are thriving with our help and support. They are all mainly funded through individual sponsors and at present attend the private New Highlight School in Dagoretti, Nairobi where they receive an education and are placed on a feeding programme which provides two meals per day plus snacks. We also help with basic health care and social wellbeing. These children would otherwise not receive an education as they come from the poorest families in the Kawangware slum area.

The children were selected on a most needy basis and, mainly, come from single parent backgrounds or from families that are affected by disabilities or HIV; all of the children in the programme would not have previously been in education.

Their progress, grades and well being is closely monitored by our staff and trustees in Kenya and extra help is provided when needed. Special activities and trips are often planned to help build the childrens experiences and wider knowledge. During school holidays we continue to support all our children and provide food packages for them and their families.
Education in Kenya is expensive and a luxury to most families, many of whom live below the universal poverty line of 77p a day. Please help make a difference, a small amount goes a long way in Kenya.

Thunder CloudSpecial Needs Kids

We have a group of 16 beautiful children with special needs from some of the poorest communities that we fully support through individual sponsors and donations.

Special Needs Kids
Stigmatisation surrounding disability in Kenya is rife. There are government funded schools but families must pay for uniforms, transport, medical equipment etc. which is simply beyond most fanilies and these children hidden away in communities.

Our Special Needs Kids attend the Dagoretti Special School just outside Kawangware. The school is basic with limited resources but is clean, safe and well staffed. We provide transport, uniforms, equipment like incontinence pads and everything these children and their families need.

Our aim at the start this project was to get the children accepted into the community. This is being achieved. It has not only changed the lives of the children, who just love their school but also given valuable support and respite for the parents and more time to work and earn extra money. Our children have given more work for support staff at the school and a permanent job for the bus driver.

Parents now proudly escort their children through Kawangware to the bus and the children are always so excited to put on their uniforms and go to school.
In Kenya, over 1 million children are out of school, 2 million are orphaned and 700,000 live with a disability. You can help remove the stigmatism of disability and make a difference.

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